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flxs1 voltage sequencer

price : $699.00

FLXS1 Voltage Sequencer

fluxus one is an homage to ideas from the past, implemented with the technology of today, peering into the possibilities of tomorrow. at-your-fingertips features that simplify complexity, and enable the creation of deep intelligence are part of what makes fluxus one special.

zetaohm has pioneered innovative new features that have never before been available in a single module. complex per-step configurable parameters provide capabilities to effortlessly create intricate sequenced arppegios as well as tempo synced modulation outputs that can change instantly on any step.

power to compose, flexibility to play
fluxus one presents each user with a diverse set of features. designed to be immediately intuitive, the pathway of learning allows a user to grow into the module.

4 channel, 64 step sequencer
sequence up to 64 steps on each channel simultaneously
configure up to 1024 pitch changes per channel using arpeggiator
one 8v gate per output per channel
two ±10v cv outputs per channel
1 dedicated pitch output, 1 dedicated modulation output

built in quantizer
every pitch signal out of flxs1 is quantized
microtonal capabilities built in (more scales coming soon!)

built in pitch and gate arpeggiator
root note, octave, interval, length + direction configurable per step
ratchet capabilities when interval is set to unison

complex modulation cv output
trigger, voltage, lfo or envelope modes
waveform, frequency, amplitude and offset configurable per step
tempo synced lfos
modulate outputs with cv input or internal modulation

extensive sequence modulation capabilities
4 gate inputs and 4 cv inputs
modulate multiple parameters simultaneously
each destination subscribes to a source
pitch, gate and modulation outputs can be internally routed
channels can modulate other with no cables

sync to your favorite gear
external gate sync + reset input
midi sync to computer via usb great for multitrack recording!
midi sync to other gear with 3.5mm jacks (make noise + korg style adapter sold separately)

internal memory for up to 16 sequences
banks of saved sequences coming soon!
sysex data dump coming soon

@zetaohm having fun with the FLXS1 Arpeggios per step feature! ?

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Making beats, synchin to sequences #flxs1

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Evening melodies #eurorack #modularsynth #FLXS1

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