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kick lancet

price : $289.00

Kick Lancet

the kick lancet is a handy analogue percussion synthesizer with priority to kick-drum sounds - you might have expected this.

sound generation
the heart of the kick lancet's sound structure is an analogue oscillator that produces sine- and square waves, which can be blend seamless from one to the other. two independent envelope generators with a decay/release phase can modulate the oscillator's frequency and the vca. additionally the vco pitch can be modulated by the fast lfo (3hz to 3khz, triangle). noise and a pulse signal can be added in the mixer section. and we have a balls controller for making it really big.

the kick lancet can be triggered by midi but beside that there are three different trigger inputs:
gate: a gate impulse can trigger the kick lancet in normal way, with additional accent or completely dynamical depending on the incoming voltage.
switch: simply short current trigger (i.e. momentary foot switch).
audio: offers the possibility to trigger the kick lancet by an audio signal - static or dynamically. also drum pads can be connected here.

technical specifications:
decay - controls decay time of vca
pitch - oscillator frequency
bend - envelope intensity (pitch)
time - bend envelope speed
fm freq - lfo frequency
fm int - lfo intensity (pitch)
attack - adds a pulse to the signal
noise - adds noise to the signal
wave - mixes between sine- and square waveform
balls - more fatness!

midi (note number an channel can be assigned freely)
switch trigger
audio trigger
gate voltage (dynamically)

measurements & weight
width: ca. 210 mm
depth: ca. 145 mm
height: ca. 55 mm
weight: ca. 600 g

audio samples:
sample one
sample two
sample three
sample four
sample five
sample six
sample seven
sample eight

download the patchsheet here.

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