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scan & pan

price : $439.00

Scan & Pan

the scan & pan's main section on the lower left consists of 4 mixer channels. audio inputs are at the bottom, the gain going into the channels is controlled by a gain control all the way at the top. the channel is at unity gain when the control is positioned at 9 o'clock. the signal path all the way through the module is built from discrete transistors and some interesting distortion can be obtained by turning the gain higher. also, low level signals can be boosted so signal levels are matched when scanning. the slider controls the level of the channel vca, the jack below the slider is for cv control of the vca. the center and width controls on the right allow selecting a channel or section of channels from external voltage or the panel controls, like similar controls on the harmonic oscillator. also, the cv inputs in the scan section have reversing attenuators to allow scaling and inverting control voltages coming in.

the position left to right or panorama of each channel's signal is controlled by the pan control. external control voltage can also be used from the jack below the control. the position is indicated by the yellow or red leds lighting up. their brightness is an indication of level and color is an indication of left (yellow) or right (red). signal outputs for the left and right channels come from the jacks at the upper right.

width: 14 hp
power consumption: 50 ma +12, 20 ma -12

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