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verbos electronics
multi-delay processor

price : $655.00

Multi-Delay Processor

the verbos multi-delay processor is an eight-tap digital delay heavily inspired by the rare buchla 288 time domain processor, using new converter technology to create a powerful digital effect with a huge range of uses and a striking analog feel. the multi-delay features individual level controls, individual outputs, and envelope follower outputs for each individual tap, making it a powerful means of creating rhythmic delay patterns, modulation sources, and more. in addition to a manual mix output, multi-delay also features preset mix outputs that, when combined, can be used to create peculiar stereo effects, complex feedback networks, and more.

perhaps one of the most powerful parts of the multi-delay's design is its input mixer, which acts as signal input but also takes the place of a traditional delay "feedback" control. with three inputs, it allows for heavily customizable delay options. for a standard delay, feed one of the taps back into one of the inputs; for crazy multitap delay tricks, feed one of the mix outputs back in. inputs two and three feature clever normalizations from internal dsp effects, enabling in-loop octave shifting and reverb, allowing easy creation of dense reverb and shimmer effects.

finally making powerful use of the ui of the ill-fated buchla 288, mark verbos has brought a powerful set of signal processing ideas into a hugely flexible, musical domain: and he has added his own touch, making the time domain processor more practical, accessible, and powerful than ever before.

eurorack-format reimagining of the buchla 288 time domain processor and verbos's own buchla-format 288v
eight-tap digital delay using advanced converter technology
individual outputs for instantaneous input and each delay tap
independent envelope followers on each delay tap and instantaneous signal
four preset tap mix outputs and one manual mix output with slider control over each tap's level
two delay time cv inputs with attenuverters
three-input mixer on frontend with level control for each channel
input mixer doubles as feedback mixer, with normalization from +1 octave internal pitch shifter and internal reverb for creation of dense reverb and shimmer effects

width: 28hp
current draw: 290ma @ +12v ; 90ma @ -12v

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