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valhalla dsp
halls of valhalla
card for tiptop z-dsp

price : $75.00

the halls of valhalla cartridge features 8 original reverberation algorithms, designed to work with the strengths of the z-dsp, and tailored towards electronic music.

the reverbs in the halls of valhalla are arranged in order of perceived size, from small to big to huge to uncomfortably enormous:

here's a few sound examples.
the first one is a simple 1-osc sawtooth sound, being sent into the ensembleverb algorithm. i am adjusting the mix on the z-dsp, and the decay and chorus parameters on the halls of valhalla program.

the next example is guitar, being fed through a b:assmaster fuzz, straight into the z-dsp, running the ginnungagap algorithm. the mix is set to 100% wet, and the decay is turned up somewhat.

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