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click here for used modular accessories + synth modules in eurorack, frac rack and other formats.


sequencers/drum machines




cusack music screamer fuzz v2

this pedal includes all of the great tone of the cusack screamer (minus the actual "tone" knob) and adds a very unique kind of fuzz. with the fuzz all the way down, it's like a screamer with the tone at noon. with the screamer all the way down, it's a gnarly fuzz pedal. you can get a really cool combinations of sounds by mixing various amounts of each. "hey, what's that toggle for?" well, that's the clip selector, which allows you to select either the standard, crushed, or asymmetrical led clipping! click here for more info. the pedal is in good shape and works perfectly.

our used price : $180.00


tone freak effects dragonfly

the dragonfly distortion pedal is built on a classic light distortion circuit, but tweaked to bring about a sound all it's own. modifications include "smooth/grainy" distortion character settings via a mini-toggle to add more tonal variations. also, a very non-intrusive tone section was added to provide even more flexibilty. the pedal is in good shape and functions perfectly. it comes with a short user's guide. click here for more info.

our used price : $152.00


t-rex tonebug reverb

the tonebug reverb is a stunning new reverb pedal built with one goal in mind: to bring dry, flat-sounding, bedroom-bound guitar playing to life. tonebug reverb simulates real-life performance environments- from huge echoey concert halls and modern-sounding live stages, to raunchy clubs and basement dives. but no matter what setting you choose, loads of incredible t-rex tone will keep you sounding like the best of them. the pedal is in great shape and works perfectly. it ships in the original box with user's guide.

our used price : $120.00


zvex machine

zvex designed this new distortion generator, machine, with some different limitations. like try playing chords through it. hmmm. but put it in front of any string of fuzz pedals, and try to make it disappear. machine is actually a dual frequency-tripler circuit that uses crossover distortion for the first time in any pedal, ever. it generates the distortion of the wave in the sloped part of the cycle, instead of the peaks and valleys like all other distorters and fuzzes. in other words, it distorts when your guitar string is in the middle of vibrating, while it's swinging, not as it's turning around. that's the same place where your speaker cone is sort of coasting, between all the way in and all the way out. where nothing is happening, this pedal happens. with machine you can leave your favorite distorting pedals on and still add a new element of energetic grind. the pedal is in average shape but functions perfectly. click here for more info.

our used price : $256.00

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