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stepper acid

price : $395.00

Stepper Acid

designed by and for musicians, stepper acid was born out of our need for a modern step-sequencer. dual microcontroller design ensures tight timing: one runs the sequencer, the other the front panel interface.

16-step sequencer
with adjustable pattern length
adjustable analogue slide
song mode for pattern chaining
stores up to 40 patterns
detach mode for playing one pattern while entering another
0-5v range cv (5 octaves)
gate and accent output
5v or 12v selectable
variable swing function
dual microcontroller design
adjustable clock sync input and output
includes: 24ppqn (sync24), 48ppqn, 96ppqn and 4ppqn (one note per pulse)
assembled in the uk

width: 32hp eurorack module
depth (excluding faceplate): 31.5mm

for more detailed information please refer to the user manual.

in this video, nina performs a track with three parts on the modular sequenced with three stepper acid modules. the drum loop and synth strings are via logic pro x and synced using external midi to din sync (sync 24) converter to the first stepper acid in the chain.

four stepper acid modules synced together, showing on the fly pattern creation, transition and chaining.

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