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price : $225.00

"quantimator" is a new multifunctional quantizer concept that expands on past implementations to offer up something new and totally unique in the modular world- essentially combining a "scale quantizer" and a "chord generator" that takes full advantage of having multiple outputs and a brain. designed to be equally useful in monophonic or polyphonic composition, the quantimator has the unique ability to digitally rotate note data [cv] at it's outputs, "analog shift register" style- thus making arpeggio of chords and "arabesque" musical patterns easy and accurate, as it does not suffer the limitations of analog. in addition, the hold input can be used to "freeze" the outputs indefinitely in either mode.

there are 2 basic modes of operation, selected with the "mode" button:
"chord" mode derives 3 musically interrelated control-voltages from a single input source. typically the "root" would be at the first output and be the lowest note in the triad, but with the inclusion of inverted chords, the root can invert up the scale and become the 2nd or 3rd part of the triad. additionally, the use of a clock source [lfo etc] at the trig input when hold is initiated will rotate the outputs shift-register style, sending note 1 to 2, 2 to 3 and 3 back around to 1, functionally an arpeggio in three "phases".

"scale" mode quantizes the input source to the nearest note in the selected scale. use of the trigger input in this mode takes the outputs out of unison and initiates asr behavior. a hold applied in this configuration causes the quantimator to ignore new notes at the input and loop the last three notes in memory [with incoming triggers] until hold returns low. please look at the functional overview of the panel as well as the scales and chords [32 of each] available here.

1v/oct, 5oct input/ output range [61 notes, 12-bit resolution]
5 octave quantized transpose [panel control range is 1 octave]
32 scale and chord types arranged in 2 banks of 16
normallized trigger input for free/triggered functionality
multifunction "hold" [and trig] inputs respond to all positive control
sources [threshold around 1.25v]

1.75" deep

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