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tiptop audio

price : $159.00


numberz blank card

price : $8.00

Numberz Blank Card

numberz is a usb device that communicates with a software front-end (for pc) and can be used to download dsp programs and display text to blank, non-volatile cards for use with the z-dsp. numberz can also feed directly into the z-dsp's card slot for real-time programming.

with numberz you can:
download free z-dsp programs from the web and "burn" them into cartridges.
modify programs for new and interesting effects.
write and debug z-dsp programs in a real-time environment.
share your programs online with other numberz users.
share your programs on z-dsp cartridges with other z-dsp users.
create your own text for the z-dsp lcd display.

each numberz hardware comes with 3 blank cards free of charge as well as a mini to usb cable for programming.

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