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bugbrand workshopcrusher complete kit

price : $75.00

Bugbrand WorkshopCrusher Complete Kit

the bugbrand workshopcrusher diy kit provides all the parts to build a compact analogue sample-rate reducer device. the kit design and documentation aim to make the process as straight forward and informative as possible, suitable even for complete beginners to electronics.

the workshopcrusher is part of the bugcrusher family, with the workshopcrusher a new refinement of the classic microcrusher design

the kit includes rubber feet so it's ready to use instantly without an enclosure.

it does not include a power supply. the psu required is the common 'boss' type of guitar pedal supply. (a 2.1mm 9v dc power socket with centre- negative polarity).

this was designed for typical 9v operation, but the circuit should be fine running direct off +12v or +15v (unipolar - no negative rail).

download the documentation here.

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