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Analog: NoDigital: NoHybrid: NoSampler: No

Arpreggiator: NoSequencer: NoVocoder: NoFX: NoDrums: NoHD Recording: No

Polyphonic: NoMulti-Timbral: No


Module: YesKeyboard: NoRackmount: NoTabletop: No

Audio Demo: YesPDF Manual: Yes


price : $899.00


the replicator module uses much of the same technology of the "stompbox" version, but certain parameters and features are optimized for eurorack/studio use. cv inputs accept 0-5v control signals, so you can now plug in your favorite oscillator module and control delay time and/or feedback electronically. pair it up with a funky, modern wave generator for a perfect marriage between 70's ambience and contemporary sound manipulation. the added filter switch dampens high frequency content in the delay signal for less noise and a darker echo.

the internal power rails has been modified to run from the +/-12v eurorack standard, so you get all the same sounds and features from the pedal version, but in a more studio/keyboard/synth-friendly format.

get creative with cv control of true tape echos, process instrument signals/tracks in the studio or use as a table top echo unit for live sound.

download the users manual here.

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