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pulsemonger mk1

price : $180.00

the pulsemonger mk1 converts any signal into two variable pulse waves. both pulse waves have internal width control via the width knobs, the on board triangular lfo, and/or the external cv inputs. you can shape the sound of your guitar to synth-like chorus effects, synth-muff fuzz, nasally fuzz, and much more!

input - guitar, modular synth, toy, etc. plugs in here.
output- this goes to your mixer or amplifier.
pulsewidth cv a - stereo expression pedal input or mono cv input for the a channel width. voltage range is +/- 5v
pulsewidth cv b - stereo expression pedal input or mono cv input for the b channel width. voltage range is +/- 5v
9-vdc input - center negative 9vdc power adapter input.
lfo modulation - controls the amount in which the triangular lfo modulates both channels. if this knob is fully ccw the rate knob have no effect on the sound.
lfo rate -- controls the rate or speed of the lfo. .5hz-100hz about 1 cycle per 2 seconds to about 100 cycles per 1 second.
pulsewidth a - fully ccw = 99% pulsewidth fully cw = 1% pulsewidth.
pulsewidth b - fully ccw = 50% pulsewidth fully cw = 1% pulsewidth.
volume - controls both channels level.
true bypass - switch for true-bypass of the input signal. when the led is lit the effect is in use. when it is not lit the signal is bypassed.
note - this product is not battery powered!

warranty covers repairs for faulty assembly and/or defects of the product for up to 1 year with customer paying shipping and handling fees. the warranty does not cover malfunctions due to inappropriate power connection, fluid encroachment, abusing handling, out of specified voltage input, and/or medication of the product. standard shipping, handling, parts and labor fees will apply.

synthmonger and its dealers neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume any obligation or liability in connection with the sale of the product. in no event shall synthmonger or its dealers be liable for harm caused to person or persons due to misuse of the product.

synthmonger reserves the right to make design changes and/or additions to the design, and improvements upon this product while not incurring any obligation to install the same on products previously manufactured.

the information subject to change at any time without notification. some information contained...may be inaccurate due to undocumented changes in the product since this version of the manual was completed.

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