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synthesis technology
e300 ultra vco: silver panel

price : $299.00

E300 Ultra VCO: Silver Panel

e300 ultra vco: black panel

price : $299.00

the synthesis technology e300 ultra vco is an analog oscillator based on the motm-300 5u module, with an updated design engineered in collaboration with dave rossum of rossum electro-music.

the e300 uses modern temperature-controlled exponential converters without the expensive mat-02eh + tempco found in the motm-300. it also incorporates variable hft (high frequency tracking) for a wider, more accurate 1v/oct input. the sync circuit is a simpler hard sync type, with accurate detection of any waveshape/frequency used. there is an added -1oct/-2oct sub-octave squarewave output, which is phase-aligned with the sawtooth.

the vco core is a new sawtooth-based circuit with improved linearity and a unique saw-to-triangle converter with no glitch in the transition peaks.

just like the motm-300, the e300 is designed to be the best tracking analog vco available (over 10 octaves) with the lowest temperature drift (typically less than 0.1hz over a 24hr period).

panel controls:
coarse/fine: sets the initial vco pitch with no cv applied
pulse width: modifies the width of the pulse output
fm 1/2: attenuators for the fm inputs. fm 1 can be switched between exp (exponential) and lin (linear) fm. fm2 is linear.
sub switch: controls whether the sub-oscillator output is 1 or 2 octaves below the initial oscillator frequency.

1v/oct: 1 volt per octave control for the initial vco pitch
fm 1: vco frequency modulation input with attenuator can be switched between exp (exponential) and lin (linear) fm using the toggle switch.
fm 2: vco frequency modulation input, exponential fm, with attenuator.
sync: reset vco frequency when input signal exceeds +1.7v
pwm: pulse width modification input, with attenuator.
sine, tri, saw, pulse: the primary outputs of the oscillator
sub: the sub-oscillator output. can be switched between 1 or 2 octaves below the initial oscillator frequency.

height: 3u (128.5mm)
width: 14hp (70.8mm)
depth: 32mm
power: 16-pin eurorack (55 ma from +12v, 40 ma from -12v)
cv range: 10vpp (-5v to +5v)
audio output: 10vpp nominal ±0.35v
frequency range: 15hz to 19khz (no cv input)

download the users manual here.

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