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time buffer (eurorack)

price : $120.00

the time buffer is a clock conditioner and distribution amplifier for injecting and distributing sync24 (also known as "din sync") into and throughout a modular synthesiser for any stg soundlabs clock bus compliant modules such as the graphic sequencer and the trigger sequencer. there are connections on the circuit board of this module to send clock to up to 7 devices, or eight if the front panel output is disconnected.

sync24 input - this accepts a 5 pin din cable, and expects to see a 24 ppq din sync signal. the two outer pins and centre pin must be wired for the cable to work.

sync24 output - this is a conditioned courtesy outlet for the clock signal. this is provided because many din sync devices are silly and only provide either an input or output or shared input/output connection.

this module, along with the graphic sequencer and the trigger sequencer, uses only the five volt power rail of your system. if you do not have five volt power already in your system, a regulator board can be purchased which is strong enough to power 5 time buffer.

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