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envelope generator

price : $350.00

Envelope Generator

the world's most advanced adsr. features 3 different eg models: moog 911 style dadsr/ahdsr, synthi 100 trapezoid with quadrature outputs, and our own adsar/dasar we call the pyramid blaster. if it's confusing why there are multiple shapes mentioned for each model, it is because this envelope generator outputs two shapes simultaneously!

the function of each stage control as it relates to which model and output you are using is notated on the panel in between the sliders for easy reference.

there are 4 modes of operation: hold, trigger, lfo a and lfo b. "hold" means the envelope will move to the sustain stage and wait until the trigger input returns to 0v to move to the next stage. "trigger" means the envelope will move through all time stages on a leading edge at the trigger input, "lfo a" means the envelope will free-run in a loop and restart on a leading edge at the trigger input, and "lfo b" means it will loop only while a gate signal is present at the trigger input.

envelope generator has 4 different time scales: x.1, x1, x10, and tempo sync. the xn scales are based on the absolute time markings on the front panel dials, 1 second, 10 second, and 100 second ranges. "sync" will tempo syncronise the stage times to musical values based on tempo information received over the stg clock bus connector on the back of the unit.

the module supports full voltage control of time and sustain level and curvature. control inputs have a range of 0 to 5 volts. in hold or trigger mode an increase in voltage equals an increase in time, and in the lfo modes an increase in voltage equals an increase in frequency.

there are also gate outputs for each of the 5 stages which output a 5 volt gate for the duration of each stage. these gates can be used with other envelope generators or control modules to generate more complex envelope shapes or whatever else you can imagine.

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