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shakmat modular
time wizard

price : $199.00

Time Wizard

casting spells on every boring clock signals, the time wizard got a bag full of arcane time-warping tricks. all his magical feats are based on 6 dividers with selectable division factors and 4 switches providing 81 routing variations.

this module's occult powers have been harnessed to easily clock and reset other sequencers with odd time signatures, provide weird clock division/multiplication ratios, and create complex poly-rhythms.

sextuple clock divider divided in two sections a and b
dedicated potentiometer acting on the division factor for each divider
clock multiplying and weird div / mult ratio abilities for the first section, first section incoming clock can be multiplied by 3 or 4, allowing to get easily triplets from a 16th clock or mult / div association as x4 / 7
independant clocking or divider association abilities for the second section, so b5 and b6 can get their clock in internaly from b4. for example, associating b4 = /7 and b5 = /16 provide a hit at each clock begining of 4 bars with a 7/4 time signature
auto-reset available for the first section or the whole module, the autoreset is provided by b6
additional logic functions for divider a2 : a2 output can provide the following functions : a2 and b5 or a2 or a3
jumper on the back for trigger or gate selection for b5 and b6
user replaceable firmware chip
skiff friendly (22mm deep)
8 hp wide

download the manual here.

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