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shakmat modular
knight's gallop

price : $199.00

Knight's Gallop

two outputs and five different rhythmic flavors multiply by a load of "algo-rhythmic" processing to result in a practically infinite number of polyrhythms. that's the fundamental formula that produces the knight's gallop principle : a dual trigger generator providing sequences according to tables and modes.

the source tables contain patterns such as the euclidean polyrhythms, and the modes allow the user manipulate and mangle those patterns according to different algorithms. as the module has two outputs, it is a very powerful instrument to create diversified and instantaneous polyrhythms.

dual output trigger generator
variable length sequences (up to 16 steps)
length and pulse amount potentiometers and cv inputs
shift + & shift - buttons allowing to shift the sequence forward and backward
main (mn) mode providing a lot of utlity modes for the second output : reset, no shift, invert and reverse
compute (cp) mode calculating associated sequences for the second output delivering very musical polyrythm
random (rd) mode adding randomness on the sequence feeding the second output, 4 amounts of randomness determined by the sub mode
dual (dl) mode allowing to set the two outputs seperatly
record (rc) mode turning the knight's gallop into a "play your sequence on the buttons and record it" module
five different kind of tables for five different rythmic flavours : classic euclidean (ce), revised euclidean (re), erdos deep (ed), divide integer (di) & divided sequences (ds)
user replaceable firmware chip
elektron style push buttons
high quality metal potentiometer with double rubber injected knobs
skiff friendly (25mm deep)

22 ma +12v
0 ma -12v
0 ma 5v
22 mm depth
8 hp wide

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