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four bricks rook

price : $399.00

Four Bricks Rook

far beyond basic step sequencing logic, the four bricks rook brings a highly intuitive interface to all your rhythmic duties and provides a diverse array of features including cv addressable memory of 128 thirty-two steps tables where you can store your own sequences, precision timing to allow non-quantized/off-beat rhythms, an auto randomizer/pattern filler, and four modes defining the pad's behavior : play & record, recall patterns, play fills, or mute your sequences.

variable length sequences (up to 32 steps)
shift function scanning through different segments of the sequence
non-volatile memory allowing to store and recall patterns (16 slots of 8 - 4 tracks / 32 steps - patterns)
potentiometer and cv input for table addressing
quantize function per track
two playing buffers a and b
play mode allows to play and record your sequence on pads
table mode allows to read and load sequences stored in the non-volatile memory
fill mode allows to use the tables in a more dynamic way
fill mode allows to use the tables in a more dynamic way
mute mode allows to mute tracks and erase part of the sequences
random generator allowing to automatically fill the sequence or create random sequences
adjustable trigger length per track
current state (buffers / rndm / pointed slots / trig length) storing
factory tables including pre-programed beats and specials clock divisions such as triplet ones.
elektron style push buttons
high quality metal potentiometer with double rubber injected knobs
bi-polar (-5v - +5v) cv inputs
skiff friendly (26mm deep)
16 hp wide

download the manual here.

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