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qu-bit electronix
tri-ger (silver aluminum front panel)

price : $390.00

set yourself free from the tyranny of quantized rhythms. no more cold, lifeless patterns. enter the world of push and pull that has been present in music since time immemorial.

tri-ger is a 3 channel pattern recorder.

it is capable of recording and looping patterns up to 52 seconds in length, while providing a subdividable master clock output to keep the rest of the patch in time with the rhythms the user plays. punch in record, play/pause, mute, and roll functions make the tri-ger the best way to clock any patch in a musical fashion.

it uses bars and beats as units of measure, providing a quick and intuitive interface for the creation, arrangement, and performance of music.

the first of its kind in modular synthesis, the tri-ger brings humanistic rhythms to the modular realm.

master clock source
triggering drum modules
performing live
clocking sequencers
effect throws
opening vcas
triggering envelopes

width: 14hp
skiff friendly
power: +12v: 89ma, -12v: 37ma

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