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pittsburgh modular

price : $259.00

timetable mod pack

price : $15.00

the pittsburgh modular timetable module is a clock divider / pattern & cv generator. the primary intention of timetable is to provide timed gates, both predictable and inconsistent. in practice, you can use the module as a straightforward clock divider and pattern generator or as a hyperactive gate and cv spewing lunatic...and of course something, somewhere in the middle. a binary system that sometimes gets stuck somewhere between 1 and 0.

the output of the timetable is split into two distinct sections. the first section is a clock divider that produces straight quarter, half, whole & double whole-note divisions of the input signal. the patterns generated in the second section range from a replica of the first section to complex patterns tied to several factors such as cv, user interface settings and the logic chip installed.

here is some audio of the timetable in action. a basic oscillator and filter are used with the timetable in this demo. the pitch of the oscillator, frequency of the filter, and the divider within the timetable are all cvd from different voltages available on the timetable.

even in its basic configuration the timetable is 'bent by design' it takes advantage of what could (should?) be considered errors to provide variations and unpredictable (but not random or chaotic) changes...all tied to a clock. the user can also take the 'bends' further by swapping out one, or both, of the cmos logic chips in the core of the circuit. changing the logic chip changes the functionality of the timetable creating a new set of behaviors to explore.

a mod pack is available separately so it will be easy to try different combinations of logic. it comes with 2 sets of 4 different logic chips, a logic pattern table for each chip, an ic remover to make swapping out chips a breeze, a sticker, a fancy cardboard box with anti-static foam to keep everything safe, and a secret prize. the logic chips included in the mod pack are nor, nand, xor, xnor.


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