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:o16: balanced

price : $425.00

:o16: Balanced

:o16: balanced, with 24-inch rear facing db-25 cable ends)

price : $474.00

adding to our studio integration lineup, the nw2s::o16 provides another option for improved fidelity and enhanced workflow when multi-tracking large voice-count modular patches. the nw2s::o16 provides 16 channels of balanced line drivers with 6db of gain reduction in just 10hp.

this deceptively simple module will have a significant effect on your work. having a fixed point of integration allows you to focus on the performance without worrying about adapters, di channels, or cabling. tracking sixteen voices independently allows you to make mixing, balance, and processing decisions with a critical ear after the performance is captured. the balanced drivers ensure that studio cable runs will not impact your sound quality and minimizes interference to an absolute minumum.

the nw2s::o16 is a reliable high density workhorse that you will never be able to give up.

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