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mutable instruments
volts (horizontal version)

price : $22.00

ome of mutable instruments' digital modules require a +5v supply in addition to the +/- 12v. while recent cases, bus-boards, or power systems (such as tiptop audio's zeus line, or makenoise mini-pwr) provide this +5v source, older doepfer cases are only equipped with +12v and -12v.

to bring to your system the +5v rail needed by mutable instruments modules, an adapter such as volts can be used.

it is available only as a horizontal (skiff-friendly) version.

technical characteristics:
maximum output current: 1.5a.
ripple noise: max. 75mv.

uses oki-78sr-5/1.5-w36h-c switched-mode regulator from murata.

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