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the motm series of analog synthesizer modules is the benchmark for audio quality, stable operation and craftsmanship. the 1xxx family shrinks the physical size 50% without sacrificing the sound or reliability. the motm-1000 series comes fully assembled and calibrated. small and lightweight, these modules can be the basis of your studio or as an expansion to your existing setup. many other modules will be released in 2006, including the motm-1650 4-channel midi-cv converter ($469), the motm-1510 wavewarper ($299), the motm-1475 diode bandpass vcf ($249), and the motm-1300 ultravco ($299)

- industry-standard 'frac rack' format, compatible with blacet and paia cases, power supplies and modules and wiard modules - amongst others.

- module size is 5.24" x 2.98" (133mm x 75.7mm).

- +15v/-15v operation using 4-pin mta-156 connector.

- surface-mount technology using high-grade components.

- 1 year warranty.

- distributed exclusively by analogue haven.

analogue haven recommends blacet rack mount cases for mounting and powering motm frac rack modules.

MOTM-1190 Dual VCA

You can never have enough VCAs in a modular. The MOTM-1190 packs 2 CD-quality VCAs in a small space. Each VCA can simultaneously be modulated by a linear and an exponential control voltage. A unique output stage allows 'soft clipping' at full gain, adding a slight amount of harmonic distortion.

- Two independent VCAs

- Very low noise and THD

- Outputs can be over-driven

- Both linear and exponential CVs

- Discrete Class-A VCA circuitry


MOTM-1485 GX-1 Diode Filter

If you need a nice, tame filter for making yoga music, the MOTM-1485 is not for you. Using a pair of matched transistor arrays, this VCF generates a tone like no other filter on the market. The HP mode is on the edge of stability, which is a good thing. Not for the faint of heart.

- Unique diode filter architecture

- Voltage-controlled resonance

- Two audio inputs w/gain control

- LP/HP response

- High harmonic distortion


MOTM-1490 Moog Ladder VCF

Classic '70s bass, wailing sawtooth leads, and Berlin school sequences. Get it all with the MOTM-1490 Ladder VCF. 24dB/Oct lowpass filter uses modern capacitor technology with traditional silicon for ' the' modular sound. As close as possible to the original you can find.

- Based on the Moog 904A VCF

- All discrete transistor design

- Two audio inputs w/gain

- Reversing FM attenuator

- Dual output eases routing


MOTM-1800 Looping ADSR EG

The MOTM-1800 adds a 'looping' function to the standard ADSR envelope generator. Once an ADSR cycle is completed, internal circuitry retriggers and another ADSR cycle begins. In Burst Mode, the looping is active only when GATE is high. Typical ADSR operation is also available, with independent Trigger.

- Wide-range ADSR EG

- Three modes of operation

- Loop mode: use like a LFO!

- Envelopes from <1ms to over 15 sec

- LED follows output waveform

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