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model 10

price : $9,950.00

Model 10

the model 10 is a faithful recreation of the first compact modular synthesizer created by dr. robert moog in 1971.

the invention of the moog synthesizer in 1964 forever changed the way we hear the world around us.

the new machine could break down the fundamental building blocks of sound, gifting the operator the ability to control every aspect of its output essentially building sound from scratch. musicians, composers, artists, and explorers would adopt this new device to create unheard-of sounds, develop new musical styles, and explore new frontiers of self expression a tradition of electronic experimentation that continues to evolve more than 50 years later.

the model 10 is a faithful recreation of the first compact modular synthesizer created by dr. robert moog in 1971. designed for portability, the model 10 is housed in a rugged tolex-enclosed wood cabinet and comprised of 11 discrete analog modules, including the 907 fixed filter bank, revered for its vast sound shaping and timbral possibilities, and three 900-series oscillators, the foundational sound behind wendy carlos's switched-on bach and isao tomita's snowflakes are dancing.

the predecessor to the model 15, the model 10 design focuses on purity of sound, speed, and simplicity while providing the enormous sonic depth and dimension found only in a vintage moog modular synthesizer.

each model 10 is hand-built to its original 1971 moog factory specifications and is a true recreation of the original. individual modules are brought to life just as they were nearly 50 years ago: by hand-stuffing and hand-soldering components to circuit boards, and using traditional wiring methods. each module is then tested, finished with an aluminum panel, and placed in its new hand-wired modular instrument.

1x 901 voltage controlled oscillator
1x 901a oscillator driver
2x 901b oscillators
1x 902 voltage controlled amplifier
1x 903a random signal generator
1x 904a voltage controlled low pass filter
1x 907 fixed filter bank
2x 911 envelope generators
1x cp11 console panel
1x 130 watt 120 vac power supply (230 vac available upon request)

included cabling
10x - 1' ¼" ts cables
8x - 2' ¼" ts cables
1x - 1' s-trigger cable
1x - 1.5' s-trigger cable

weight and dimensions
weight: 50 lbs. (22.67kg)
dimension: 18"w (45.72cm) x 25"h (63.5cm) x 9½"d (24.13cm)

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