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moody sounds
baby box noise generator

price : $300.00

power supply

price : $15.00

baby box has three modes of action: auto, constant and trig. in the auto and constant modes, it generates noise. and you control parameters like noise pitch and tempo, delay interval and length, with its 10 control knobs.

the noise originates from oscillators in the baby box circuit. the signals from them are superimposed and a "noise" is produced. one of the oscillators has much lower frequency of oscillation than the others. it gives a "beat" to the noise and the tempo is controlled with the sun-knob, up to the left - set it near max for rave-floor like sound, and near minimum position for bomb raid alarm kind of noise!

in the trig mode it is possible for other sound generating devices, such as a guitar, to "talk" to the baby box - a line in signal sets off the sounds of the box. the big knob, pluto, adjusts the mix between clean and noise. turned all the way to the left, a clean unaffected signal comes out on the line out. as it is turned up, a classic guitar fuzz blends in. the trigging of the noise oscillators begins when pluto is near maximum.

the noise oscillators are connected to a delay circuit, which puts some "depth" to the sound. the delay has two controls: number of repeats and time between repeats (neptune and uranus).

baby box is furnished with stereo output. the signal is split up in two in the delay circuit, and different sounds are produced in the two output channels. plug in stereo headphones directly to the output and have great fun!

this is a very moody pedal. if you want a decently behaving effect, maybe something else is better?! we have added a true bypass foot switch to it. this is if you quickly want to bypass the odd sounds and get back to normal again!

even though the same value of components are used, all boxes seem to behave different. that is one of the reasons it is great fun building this one.

download the manual here.

video sample:

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