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price : $320.00

mfb’s new step-sequencer seq-02 is the perfect companion to our synthesizer- and drum-module range. seq-02 is specialized in rhythm- and sequence programming.

seq-02 can be used as a sequencer with 6 cv- and 6 gate-outputs. alternatively, it may also be used with either 12 cv- or 12 gate-/trigger-outputs.

seq-02 allows creating 16 sequences with up to 32 steps each. the sequences can be stored and offer 6 or 12 tracks. in addition, an a- and b-part allows building 2-bar-sequences using the a/b-switch.

use trigger impulses at inputs “sequence +“ and “sequence –“ to switch to adjacent sequences.

start/stop and tempo (clock) can be either controlled directly at the module or remote-controlled through external signals. of course, seq-02’s start/stop and clock can act as a master for other sequencers. the reset-input allows switching the current sequence back to step 1.

beyond using seq-02 to trigger drums and envelopes, there are countless options for trigger-impulses in a modular environment. these may be used for sample&hold, switches, clock-dividers/sequencers or logic-modules. this allows to create rhythmic events, where usually a straight clock would be used for triggering, e.g. in s&h- or clock-dividing-modules. thanks to the big number of cv- and trigger-tracks, seq-02 will always allow for some extra assignments beside the drum-groove.

the module has a width of 100 mm (20 te).

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