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price : $230.00

complementing our new drum-modules, mfb announces seq-1. a trigger-sequencer specialized on creating rhythmic patterns. seq-01 allows to build 16 patterns each consisting of up to 32 steps. all patterns can be saved and consist of 12 tracks. patterns offer switchable a/b-parts that can also be used as 2-bar-patterns. each step of the 12 tracks can be programmed in one out of three accent values. „pattern +“ and „pattern –“ inputs allow switching to adjacent pattern by trigger signals.

start/stop and tempo (clock) can be accessed directly on the module but also be controlled through external signals. vice versa, the seq-1’s clock output and start and stop functions can be used to control other modules. reset allows resetting the selected sequence back to step 1. seq-01 is not only useful to control drum and percussive sounds. modular synthesizers offer lots of options for trigger-based control like sample & hold, switches, clock-dividing, sequencers, logic modules, envelopes and more. an example: while standard s&h or clock divider modules are usually fed by a linear clock, the seq-1 turn this into rhythmic triggering! and because the seq-1 offers 12 trigger outputs you will surely have some spare outputs for special purposes beside triggering your drum-modules.

the module has a width of 100 mm (20 te).

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