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mercury7: pro audio heritage

price : $299.00

Mercury7: Pro Audio Heritage

infinite permutations will lead you in new musical directions. swell and modulate an infinite tail. bend and warp a cavernous and beautiful space into oblivion. architect and direct your mood with a precision tool.

handcrafted algorithmic reverbs
analog mix & dry signal path
high & low frequency damping
extensive modulation capability
auto swell envelope (variable and foot-switchable)
stereo input and output
switchable input output headroom level for guitar, synthesizer or line levels
expression pedal control over all parameters simultaneously
presets available via external 4-preset switch or midi
midi in/out over trs via the exp jack
premium analog signal path and 24-bit ad/da w/32 bit floating point dsp
premium analog devices jfet input section
color - translucent coat of deep blue over brushed aluminum
designed and built in los angeles, california u.s.a.

premium quality 24 bit a/d and d/a
32 bit floating point dsp hardware
-115 db signal to noise ratio (typical)
premium low noise analog signal path throughout
auto swell envelope (variable and foot-switchable)
analog devices jfet input circuitry
wet/dry signal mix occurs in the analog domain
selectable true bypass (relay) or analog buffered bypass
Durable transparent blue powder coat over brushed aluminum
current draw < 150 ma
dimensions - 4.25" wide, 4.5" long, 2" tall

download the user manual here.

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