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meng qi music
voltage memory

price : $350.00

voltage memory mounted in small wooden case
without external psu

price : $370.00

external psu for voltage memory
mounted in small wooden case

price : $20.00

84*6 sequencer / programmer with multiple recall modes
easy and intuitive interface and workflow
84 page x 6 outputs
manual mode that can be quantized to external triggers

auto mode 1 : sequencer and arp with internal & external clock / hold
1-1 : classic step sequencer that goes between any 2 pages
1-2 : arpeggiator which scroll through the pages you touch in the same order you touch them
1-3 : custom step sequencer up to 64 step, pages in any order you want

auto mode 2 : pressure
2-1 : 6 pressure outputs
2-2 : 3 step playable sequencer with timing controlled by pressure

auto mode 3 : looper
realtime looper with 5s recording time and external reset input

non-volatile memory
just requires positive power supply
available in eurorack and standalone banana formats

download the user manual here.

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