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manikin electronic

price : $1,599.00

made in conjunction with klaus schulze.

the schrittmacher has 32 parameter lines which can be freely configured and linked with each other. each line has 16 steps which can be edited using the 16 rotary encoders with integrated pushbuttons. additional 28 pushbuttons allow the user easy processing of the sequences. the 240x128 pixel backlit display ensures that the user always has an overview over the current status of the sequences. by direct access to a number of parameters ideas can quickly and intuitively be translated into action at the studio as well as on stage.

the possible connection of a master keyboard for controlling purposes (transposing, use of controllers) allows additional processing of the sequences and grooves.

midi step sequencer (1 x midi in, 2 x midi out)
240x128 pixel led-backlit display
fast access to 32 parameter lines each with 16 steps.
parameter lines can be configured as note, velocity, gate, len, midi, add or ctrl.
play mode (forward, backward, forward/backward, pingpong and random) and speed can be configured for each parameter line.
additional parameters like note length, midi channel and controller can be configured depending on line type.
16 endless dials with pushbutton.
skip and mute steps by pressing the endless dials.
step mode (play, mute, skip) indicated by bi-colored leds
manipulate sequences in real time with 8 controllers which can be controlled internal or external via pitch, channel aftertouch or control change 0-120.
supports internal and external midi clock.
loop function for quick and direct definition of new loops.
sync function resyncs parameter lines to main clock.
stores up to 30 presets
software update via midi.

to download the manikin schrittmacher rackmount version user manual as a pdf file, please click here. for the desktop version of the manual, please click here.

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