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manikin electronic
memotron (white)

price : $2,699.00

the memotron is a digital remake of one of the most unusual and fascinating electronic music instruments. the classical design and the configuration of the display and knobs are based on the original instrument.

a comprehensive sound library with high quality samples of original instruments of the sixties and seventies gives you the chance to experience the legendary sound of pink floyd, the beatles, procul harum, genesis, klaus schulze and tangerine dream.

sounds can be loaded from a cd, individually combined and stored on compact flash cards.

with purchase of the memotron, you'll get a free vintage collection cd which contains 12 awesome sounds for the memotron. you can also purchase the studio collection cd which contains 12 more sounds for your memotron!

to read more about the vintage collection cd, click here to read the pdf file.

sound samples:
8choir (studio)
boys choir (studio)
brass b (vintage)
cello (vintage)
church organ (studio)
male choir (studio)
female choir (studio)
flute (studio)
flute (vintage)
gc3 brass (studio)
mkii church organ (studio)
violins (studio)
violins (vintage)

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