make noise
walnut skiff without power

price : $199.00

the make noise skiff is a slim performance oriented case for eurorack format synthesizer modules. it is 104hp (minus 4hp for the power inlet), has an internal depth of just 1.75" and utilizes flexible ribbon style power distribution to conserve space. the case was designed to house the make noise pressure points, brains and rené performance modules but other slender modules will fit. there are two power options: either din or barrel power.

using din power the skiff takes power from a master system case via the included 4 hp power module. this 4 hp power module is installed in the master case just as you would install the typical eurorack format module. a 5 pin din cable (midi cable, not included) is used to carry power from the master system to the skiff so it may be placed anywhere near the master system case, thus making the skiff a convenient spot for controller modules.

using barrel power the skiff receives +12v only from a small power adapter (which may be used throughout north america and europe). this arrangement will only power pressure points, brains, rené and other forthcoming make noise controller modules. it is an excellent choice if you want a row of make noise controllers and you do not have the power to spare in your master system case.

this run of skiffs were hand-made by matthew goike here in the united states. they were made from american hardwood and will be available in limited quantities. the mounting rails are also wooden, made to be easily replaced if necessary in the future, and mounting screws are included for screwing in modules.

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