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make noise

price : $399.00


the echophon is a collaboration between dsp software pioneer tom erbe (soundhack) and modular synth nerd tony rolando (make noise). the module utilizes erbe's gorgeous algorithms on hardware developed by make noise. the echophon flips the script on the 20 year trend of software synthesis emulating classic analog hardware putting the powers of a true dsp coding genius into the analog modular synthesizer.

description: pitch shifting echo with smooth time modulation, tempo sync, saturating feedback and a unique pitch shifting algorithm inspired by the springer tempophon, lovingly engineered by dsp guru tom erbe (soundhack).

shift pitch of signal ± 2 octaves
fractional delay with exponential control of delay time -maximum delay time 1.7 seconds, minimum delay time 7 ms
tempo input allows synchronization of echoes to multiple or division of a master clock
two independent internal digital feedback paths (loop 1 and loop 2)
external analog feedback path for filtered or processed echoes
freeze button/ gate input allows for hold, stutter and sampling techniques
24 bit adc/dac, 32bit processing, 16bit delay storage operating at 40khz
vactrol based mix circuit for smooth blending of dry and wet signals
all analog dry signal path
voltage control over all parameters.

width: 20hp
max depth: 30mm
power: 70ma@ +12v, 40ma @ -12v
other details:
echo: speed of delay. clock led shows the current speed and connected output can be used as a clock out.

short delay times can create flanging/chorusing effects. voltage controlled.

feedback: decay time. has 2 feedback loops. one loops around the pitch shifter 0-49%. this feedback produces echo repeats that rise or fall in pitch, depending on the pitch/depth values. the other loops around the echo 51-100%. this feedback is more traditional. voltage controlled.

freeze: lock all current audio in the internal buffer. the sampled audio can be manipulated by the echo and pitch knobs. the button toggles it on, hitting it again turns it off. voltage controlled - high voltage activates freeze, does not toggle.

feedback out- 100% wet feedback signal

feedback in- return for external feedback loops.

tempo in- external clocks can control the echophon

while echophon is following external tempo source (clock) the echo time controls will multiply/ divide the incoming clock.

depth: determines the range of the pitch. max setting is 1 v/oct. voltage controlled.

pitch: adjusts the pitch. max range is 2 octave above or below the incoming signal. voltage controlled. second control input for pitch, where there is no attenuation.

mix cv: can control the amount of wet/dry signal coming out of mix out. voltage controlled.

click here to download the manual.

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