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low-gain electronics

price : $299.00

the submix is an improved concept over the original submix7. i wanted more room to play around with the mixer in live situations. it now has 12 active inputs, with linear attenuators, allowing the user to have up to 7 different mix outputs. there are four dedicated mix outputs labeled a, b, c, d. there are also 3 dedicated submix outputs labeled ab, cd, and abcd.

mix options: (available simultaneously)
(4) 3 in x 1 out
(2) 6 in x 1 out
(1) 12 in x 1 out

the submix was re-designed with the intention of sub-mixing the waveform outputs from vco's. i've found by using passive mixers i'd hear drop outs or "nulling" of signal which sounds similar to phase cancellation. so passive mixers functioned more like waveform "on/off" switches for me. this effect was due to the different loads being created on passive input nodes (typically caused by the attenuator varying the load). with active inputs (unity gain buffers) the load on the summing bus stays constant and you get smoother/more gradual mix regardless of the load on the input.

the submix is cv and audio friendly, keeping in mind you will have offset/clipping if you use submix outputs of mixers that are mixing ac and dc signals.

you can also take advantage of the submix outputs and play around with feedback loops!

28hp, +/-12vdc @15ma

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