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double knot v2

price : $680.00

Double Knot V2

the second version of the double knot synthezier is right here! an all analog sound box for patching and listening to shifting rhythms and textures. also good for techno. knobs for setting rates and amounts, banana connection points for wiring and re-wiring the sound of the system. this version two of the double knot has a lot of the same structure as the first but now with some more heady features such as volume knobs, larger buttons and blue on blue graphics just to name a few.

new enveloper design with mode switch to set trigger mode, loop mode or off. wide range cv input can nearly halt envelope mid-decay for sample/hold type output. trigger input in lieu of the fill input from the previous model.

controls for amplitude modulation and amplifier offset for both channels. cv inputs for each channel that are normaled to the enveloper output, can be patched to other sources for other am effects.

the clock section has a rate knob, an inverting attenuator for clock rate cv input. three outputs which are original clock, and two divisions. below the clock outputs, there is an xor gate. there are also 3.5mm jacks on the back of the synth which correspond to clock input and output.

shift registers:
very same shift register sequencers. bits are shifted into the register at the port on the left, they travel down the line on each rising edge of the clock. the register can be looped for techno or fed by the oscillators for aleatory.

very same oscillators as the first version. triangle and square outputs, sync and cv inputs. knobs for pitch and modulation amount.

frequency modulation:
the fm section allows easy modulation of one oscillator to the other or both at the same time. with a knob for fm amount, a cv in jack that allows control of fm index and a toggle switch to set the modulation routing.

power is 12v dc ~200ma on a 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel connector with positive voltage on the center pin. self-resettable 350ma ptc fuse for overcurrent protection. diode for reverse voltage protection. ground banana jack is next to the power input on the back. this is for sharing ground between the double knot and other banana jack devices.

audio output:
3.5mm audio line output on the back of the unit closest to the amplitude controls. this is a stereo output with one synth channel per side.

download the users manual here

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