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frequensteiner multimode filter
(eurorack version)

price : $225.00

FrequenSteiner Multimode Filter (Eurorack Version)

this is one monster of a filter...

although little was known about this ultra-phat filter until recent years, the steiner multi-mode vcf now needs little introduction.

the livewire offering however is the authorized exclusive re-release of the synthasystem multimode filter, which differs from the synthacon's as it incorporates a unique resonation circuit and an expanded diode ladder. and in keeping with it's initial design, the livewire frequensteiner incorporates all discrete components in the filter core (no ics) and a single input which is switch selectable for low, band or highpass output taps.

the manufacturer worked closely with nyle steiner on the modern adaptation of this classic design and the frequensteiner vcf is the first of a series of planned re-releases from nyle's legendary synthasystem modular. look to the livewire for more in the coming months.

the eurorack has an approximate current draw of 10ma and requires 16 hp/te worth of space to fit in a eurorack frame.

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