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dual cyclotron

price : $300.00

Dual Cyclotron

the dual cyclotron is a special kind of interrelated lfos that bribe with their clear layout and nice knobs. the result is always astonishing and in combination with one or two oscillators you get complex material you won't get from an usual modulator. it's also very nice as a sound generator specialized in totally ill sounds.

it would take the cyclotron's charm if we explained what it does exactly and how to read the special legending. let's say it like that: it's a bunch of modulators adjustable in frequency and shape influencing each other.

it's capable of generating audio signals and modulations and is absolutely suitable for acoustic imitation of aliens and/or insects. definitely a unique module.

this newest version of the dual cyclotron implements a couple of improvements including the following:
expanded frequency range, now at 2hz - 13khz
momentary switch for changing freq range on upper cyclotrons (cycles through from left-right only, via a microprocessor)
control 3-way switching knob replaced with attenuator for external cv input
top-right 2 knobs swapped places
external cv is now summed with the modulation from the upper cyclotrons
some aesthetic/labelling changes to the panel (new logo, some of the labels dropped)
shallower depth at 25mm

65 ma +12v
25 mm depth

download the users manual here.

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