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dalek modulator

price : $260.00

the first module in the alien modulator series, the dalek modulator contains 2 linear cross-modulating vcos and a ring modulator in one module.

the ring modulator's carrier and modulator inputs are normalized to the internal vcos, but either or both can be replaced with any external signal. vcos feature internal cross-modulation, horizontal symmetry control, sine and square wave outputs and can be used independently of the ring modulator.

inputs: cv modulation of frequency with attenuation, carrier signal input, modulator signal input.

outputs: carrier vco output, modulator vco output, ring modulated signal output.

controls: carrier & modulator vco controls for frequency, horizontal symmetry, hi/lo speed selection, waveform selection and cv modulation attenuation. each external input has selectors for ac/dc coupling. modulation can obey or destroy!

space usage: 14 hp/te

current consumption: 80ma

ships with doepfer-style power connector.

check out this very informative youtube demonstration video by james cigler.

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