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livewire modules are designed by mike brown.

formerly residing on the fringes of accepted electronic design conventions, livewire electronics is known for producing unique and unorthodox devices. if you are looking for distinctive and sometimes slightly bizarre synth modules to fill out your cabinet, you've come to the right place. check out the dual cyclotron for a glimpse of the insanity to come.

recently, livewire has formed an alliance with nyle steiner to re-release a limited collection of modules from his classic synthasystem modular. livewire is proud to produce the first in this series with the frequensteiner filter, a reproduction of nyle's synthasystem vcf.

look forward to new module designs from livewire electronics in the coming months, including the chaos computer and programmable waveform generator.


Products :

audio frequency generator

dalek modulator

dual bissell

dual cyclotron


vulcan modulator

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