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mutant bassdrum

price : $229.00

Mutant Bassdrum

the mbd is really two modules in one: a feature-rich analogue bassdrum synthesis module and an aggressive voltage controlled distortion effect. the distortion features uv purple leds as hard clipping diodes and optocoupler-based voltage control of the distortion amount. the distortion can be used to process external signals at the same time as synthesizing percussive sounds.

entirely analogue bassdrum circuitry capable of vintage tr-808 sounds

built in distortion effect (batteryacid topology) with modular level output levels

distortion accepts external inputs when not being used with bassdrum (great for acid synth leads)

voltage control of distortion amount

voltage control of decay from short hits to long "oooomphs"

voltage control of pitch (not v/oct) from subsonic bass frequencies to high tom drum sounds

non-invasive analogue vactrols used for voltage control, so, vintage sounds can still be had

completely redesigned, hi-fi signal chain spares no expense by replacing cheap transistor amplifiers with low noise opamp equivalents

dial in super hot, eurorack modular level output levels (up to 20vp-p!)

width: 13hp
depth: 30mm
current draw: +55ma, -45ma @ 12v

download the users manual here.

download the quickstart guide here.

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