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isolator: silver panel

price : $100.00

Isolator: Silver Panel

isolator: black panel

price : $100.00

Isolator: Black Panel

isolator is your 4 hp solution for galvanic isolation between its inputs and ¼ trs balanced outputs, interfacing your eurorack modular system without electric connection with the external equipment, which prevents possible ground loop issues. each channel has a ground lift switch, so some ground loop problems can be solved with this full/partial ground lift option.

if no signal is plugged to the right input, then the left input will be sent to both left and right outputs. "level" knob adjusts output level for left and right channels.

there is a stereo receive connector available from the pcbs side, allowing isolator to be internally connected to other happy nerding stereo modules. thus front panels inputs will allow second possible stereo signal to be mixed with this internally send signal. at the moment panmix jr, 3x stereo mixer, out and panmix stereo outputs can be internally send to the isolator's connector.

50 ma +12v
50 ma -12v
45 mm depth
4hp wide

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