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3x vca: silver panel

price : $150.00

3X VCA: Silver Panel

3x vca: black panel

price : $150.00

3X VCA: Black Panel

3x vca offers three high class amplifier circuits with linear characteristic. thanks to ac / dc compatibility, a very low noise floor and basically no distortion, the module is not only a great partner for control voltages, but audio material as well. besides a signal input and output, each vca has its own cv input. the dual potentiometers regulate levels and bipolar cv attenuation values of all amplifiers. using these rather unusual, yet very practical components, it was possible to equip the 3x vca with a front panel that is only 6 hp wide. switches allow the user to feed the results of one amplifier to the output of the next amplifier, so we can get 1+2, 2+3, and 1+2+3 outputs mix. two-colored leds visualize cv and output signals.

60 ma ±12v
35 mm wide

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