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price : $125.00

diy kit, user assembly required

price : $85.00

binary is a 1-bit analog computer that takes up to six inputs and determines whether the output should be high or low. it is intended to combine gates/triggers from algorhythm modules, but works with most other cv and audio sources within a modular system. each input includes an on/off switch that illuminates when a pulse is received. the output can be switched from or to nor logic for different applications.

six inputs (cv or audio-rate signals)
logic output switchable between or and nor gates
illuminated on/off switch for each input
useful for combining multiple gate/trig sources into a single pattern
can perform conversion between s-trig and v-trig signals
also works as a manual gate source

width: 6hp
depth: 28mm
power: 30ma (+12v)

about the diy kit:
this is a complete diy kit, which includes all components, all hardware, a panel, a pcb and a power cable. familiarity with building electronics using surface-mount components is expected.

donwload the manual here.

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