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price : $295.00

diy kit, user assembly required

price : $195.00

algorhythm is an 8-step pulse sequencer. modules can be linked to create longer patterns. illuminated switches provide control over looped and one-shot playback, sequential and random modes, and gate/trig output for the pattern. loop length, pattern length, and gate/trig status can be modified in realtime. all settings are automatically saved in memory and restored at startup.

12 pulse outputs, 4 pulse inputs
8 steps per module
modules can be linked for longer patterns
sequential and random modes (per module) with cv control
programmable loop length and pattern length (per module)
programmable gate/trig across nine independent outputs
linked clock distribution to minimize cross-patching

width: 12p
depth: 46mm
power: 100ma (+12v)

about the diy kit:
the kit includes everything needed to build the module, including panel, pcb, and power cable. assembly involves soldering through-hole parts only, all surface-mount components are delivered pre-tested and pre-soldered on a sub-pcb.

donwload the manual here.

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