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convulsion generator fil1

price : $110.00

The convulsion generator is based around a bridged-t resonator circuit, as found at the heart of the infamous tr808 kick drum. the circuit will produce decaying sinusoids when pulses are sent to the input. this can be likened to "pinging" a resonant filter. however, in the case of the convulsion generator, the resonator has been tuned so that these sinusoids are produced at frequencies below the audible range. this means that the convulsion generator can output sinusoidal cv sources, as well as covering the lower end of the audible spectrum, allowing for boomy, bass-heavy kick drums.

the presence of two rectified outputs for positive and negative only sources, as well as the bipolar output from which these stem, means that the convulsion generator is perfect for providing several cv sources from one input. used alongside lfos the fil1 will produce sinusoidal patterns which can be modified by tweaking the r1 and r2 controls.

technical specifications:
module width: 6hp
module depth: 45mm including front panel
current consumption: 20ma on +12v, 20ma on -12v
bipolar output voltage range: -7 to +7v
positive output voltage range: 0 to +7v
negative output voltage range: -7 to 0v

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