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price : $549.00

- analogue clock + cv-outputs
- analogue trigger inputs
- midi-sync (intern/extern midi-clock)
- 3 tracks with note-,controller/pitchbend-,analog-tracks
- extern midi-trigger
- included triplet notes
- shots (note repeat, breaks, fills)
- shuffle (8th)
- midi(in) to cv/gate(out)
- random functions
- quantize
- loop release
- bar variations
- step echos (note-repeat)
- user defined midi-setup
- sysex-dump
- outputs 3,5mm mono jacks: gate / cv
- cv voltage: 0..5v
- trigger voltage: 0..5v
- midi in + out
- 12..14vac input
- size: 165x100x42mm

midi chart
quickstart guide

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