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price : $499.00

individual generator for experimental grooves
easy soundmachine on your analog filter
create new patterns with analog stepsequencer
funny tool for modularsystems and analogsynth

analog clock + cv-outputs
3 channels with beat-, gate-, shift / cv-control
beats included triplet and punctuated notes
clock shift forward and backward
lfo (synchronized), 4 waveforms: saw, up, down, up-saw-down
shuffle control (8 or 16th parts)
integrated midi to cv interface (5 octaves, 1v/oct operation)
midi-sync (internal/external tempo via midi-clock)
complex random functions
record functions
outputs 3,5mm mono jacks (1/8th inch): gate or cv + sum, clock/gate, midi-cv/gate
output 3,5mm stereo jack (1/8th inch): sum clock / sum gate
cv voltage: 0..2v
clock voltage: 0..5v
midi input / output
12..14vac input
solid aluminium case
size: 165x100x42mm

info available as pdf file here.

for more info, please click here for the flame website.

Analogue Haven