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chord machine 2

price : $420.00

Chord Machine 2

the "chord machine 2" euro module is a combination of chord generator, arpeggiator, quantizer and generates maximum four part chords within a range of maximum 8 octaves. to your disposal are 42 preset chords and 16 user defined chords which can be put additionally into the first, second or third inversion. so in total there are 232 chords to your disposal. furthermore to your disposal are 54 preset scales and 16 user defined scales, so in total there are 70 scales to your disposal.

the module can be used for the generation of 2-note, 3-note or 4-note chords plus a fifth arpeggio voice. the arpeggiator mode included different running directions (up, down, alternate, random) and different variations of octave ranges. the arpeggiator channel can be used also like a quantizer. the quantizer can run with two different scales for up and down quantizing.

there are 12 extensive program lists for user programmed parameters like a songlist. each list have max. 24 lines with 10 parameters. you can control functions (as well as transpose, program list parameters, arpeggio sequence and octave ranges ) via cv-inputs.

the five cv outputs are set on the 1v/ octave characteristic. it's possible to update the current firmware of the module per usb.

+ 140ma / - 20ma
euro rack format 3u / 12hp 60,2x128,5mm

click here for the user manual.

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