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automix: 3-to-1 mixer recorder

price : $199.00

Automix: 3-To-1 Mixer Recorder

the "automix" module is a compact three-channel mixer for audio or cv sources in the voltage range of ±-5v (audio modular level).

the mix level of each track can be adjusted and recorded using the track's mix pot. the recording time per track is over one minute. the playback speed is also adjustable. the recorded track is played by pressing the play button once (one shot) or by a longer press in the loop.

in addition, the 3 inputs can be separately switched to + 6db audio via the rear slide switch (for external line level sources). all three tracks have a common reset input. the track data remains permanently stored (battery-backed memory).

signal / audio mixer with 3 channels to a common sum output
3 tracks, each with one recordable mix knob
record time (per track) max. 102 sec
3 signal / audio inputs (audio or cv) (-5v .. + 5v)
inputs on the back switchable to line level audio (separate for each input)
resolution 12bit
sampling rate ca.250hz
modi: play back one shot, play back loop, switch between play back and poti mix manually, adjustable playback speed
track data stored permanently (battery-backed)
common reset input for all 3 tracks

size: 6hp
reset input: 0/+5v
signal/audio inputs: ±5v (or audio line level)
ad/da converter: 12bit
cv sampling: ca.250hz

download the users manual here.

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