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expert sleepers

price : $475.00


the es-8 is a usb 2.0 class-compliant audio interface in a eurorack module, with dc-coupled inputs and outputs that can be used for both cvs and audio. as such it is directly compatible with all popular computer-based cv generation software (e.g. silent way, max/msp, reaktor, cv toolkit, zmors, etc.) as well as audio and cv processing ios apps.

the es-8 also has adat inputs & outputs. this could be used for example to expand the output count via an expert sleepers es-3 and/or es-6, or to connect a traditional audio interface to add, say, mic preamps or ¼" line outputs.

an expansion header allows connection of an expert sleepers es-5, to which in turn you can connect our gate, cv and midi expanders.

the es-8 has a high quality internal clock, and it can optionally sync to the clock from the input adat signal.

premilinary specifications:
panel width: 8hp
module depth: 50mm
current draw: 196ma on the +12v rail, 52ma on the -12v rail (at 96khz)
usb socket: type b
driver suport: class-compliant usb 2.0 (no windows support initially)
channel count: 12 in, 16 out
supported sample rates: 44.1khz, 48khz, 88.2khz, 96khz
output connections: 8x 3.5mm jacks, dc-coupled
maximum output voltage: approximately ±10v dc
analogue inputs: 4x 3.5mm jacks, dc-coupled
input voltage range: approximately ±10v
digital i/o: 1x adat input, 1x adat output
expansion headers: 1 for es-5, 1 for es-6

the front panel is drilled for both doepfer and analogue systems mounting holes (using a 'slot' rather than a single round hole). the power connector is a doepfer standard 16 way idc, with -12v furthest from the top of the board.

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